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Wild Love Book Three

Threads of Passion

Steamy Western Romance

Threads Of Passion OTHER SITES.jpg

Willow fled New Orleans in fear of her life and determined to never be found by the men pursuing her. The small Wyoming town seemed just the place for her to hide and start a new life. She finds safety in the strong arms of rancher Logan McCord and he ignites a passion inside her that threatens to consume her.
Logan was instantly attracted to the beautiful and mysterious woman that had come to his small town. After a series of unusual events and attempts on his life, Logan begins to wonder if she’s the reason his life is in danger. His desire for her might just get him killed but he’s willing to take that risk.
When Willow’s past finds her, and threatens both of their lives, she’ll have to leave him to keep him safe. Logan doesn’t intend to let the woman he loves leave without a fight. Will he be able to save her or will he lose her forever?


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